Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of illegal imprisonment by Scientology

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The rules of the RPF are:

4. You were not allowed to go anywhere by yourself, unless authorized to do so. Even when going to the bathroom, someone had to go with you. You would also get in trouble if you saw anyone start to go off by themselves and didn't go with them, then report it.

We received $4.00 a week here. If we needed to buy soap or cigarettes or something like that, we'd give a list of what we needed and the money to this guy who would go to the store once a week for the RPFers to get the things we needed. We were not allowed to go ourselves. We weren't allowed to step foot outside the building!

When I was originally in the RPF the girls slept in a hallway near an elevator shaft, leading to the garage. The mattresses covered the floors there also. We were later moved to an old locker room in the Fort Harrison, with no windows. They let us turn the vents on during the night to keep from suffocating but the door was closed to prevent someone from blowing [leaving]. An RPF MAA or someone "high up" in the RPF, would sleep near the door, and of course bed checks were done nightly. There were also F. H. [Fort Harrison Hotel] Security Guards constantly policing the F. H. plus an "RPF Guard" in the garage at night.

Within the RPF, is the RPF's RPF. This is where people who haven't realized that they need the RPF, are sent. In Clearwater, they were sent down to the boiler room under guard, of course, and had to work there the entire day scrubbing pipes and walls in the boiler room.

About a dozen people were sent to the RPF's RPF during the time I was there. One guy was sent there because he tripped down the stairs and accidentally set off the fire alarm in the Fort Harrison. Usually, the people there were those who wanted to leave or who had been involved in some sort of "out - 2D" [Hubbard's Second Dynamic- sex]. "Out - 2D" consisted of kissing or holding hands with the opposite sex. You were not allowed any relationships with the opposite sex, unless you were married.

... I don't know how to describe what happened other than that my brain was frying right up. I felt like I was in a daze half of the time. I'd do things, sort of like watching myself doing them but not realizing I was doing it, as if it was somebody else, except that I know it was me. I'd scream at my auditor, I'd throw down the cans to the E-Meter that I was holding, I'd refuse to get auditing. I just created a real scene. So of course, I ended up in ethics, and had a "body guard" put on me.

... Anyway, after about 15 minutes, I began to realize that I had just jumped over the wall. I was in serious trouble. I was petrified and wanted to return but if I did, I would be under guard again and placed in the RPF's RPF. I would also again be placed on their Bad Indicators (B. I.) list, which consisted of people who were under guard at all times. I was on the B. I. list when I was taken off the C/S post, except no one know I left the sick room, so they hadn't assigned a guard to me yet.

So I was "escorted" back by the guys, and put under immediate guard.

 When I came in, there were about 40 RPFers. There were around 130-150 when I left because people were not getting out.

Anne Rosenblum

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