Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of falsifying conditions for inspectors by Scientology

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We had routine visits from Fire and Health Officials in Clearwater. Somehow, the G. O. seemed to know in advance when they were coming, and were warned. When they arrived, we stacked mattresses, boxes and all sorts of junk in our sleeping space, to make it look like a storage area. The officials apparently never suspected that people were actually living there. If an official surprised us, the G. O. would take him around other F. H. areas while we received the message to make it look like a storage area. The staff lodging in the Fort Harrison was pretty bad also. Many staff and students had 6- 8 beds in a small room. When officials came around, those rooms were locked or signs put on them "Confessionals in Progress" so no one would go in, and the G. O. would randomly show them other rooms with only 2 or 3 beds.


Anne Rosenblum

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