Paulette Cooper

Paulette Cooper is a journalist who suffered extraordinary harassment after writing an article and a book about Scientology. FBI raids of Scientology offices turned up evidence of conspiracies against Cooper, including Scientology's attempt to frame her for sending bomb threats - threats which Scientology operatives sent themselves in order to get Cooper jailed.

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Scientology's Fair Game Attack on Paulette Cooper

Scientology waged a lengthy campaign of harassment against journalist Paulette Cooper in accordance with its Fair Game policy.

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May 11, 1982 16 witnesses unlock sect's closed society "Of the 16 who testified, Flynn said he represents Lavenda Van Schaick and Paulette Cooper directly in separate lawsuits against the Church of Scientology. He said he is involved also indirectly in lawsuits filed by Ernest and Adelle Hartwell and Janie Peterson." lawsuits, Paulette Cooper
May 7, 1982 Writer says sect harasses her "It has been 11 years since freelance writer Paulette Cooper published what she calls 'the book that launched a thousand suits.' And it has been about a week since she was served with the eighteenth lawsuit filed against her by the Church of Scientology." lawsuits, Paulette Cooper
January 25, 1980 Files show spy reported woman's intimate words (about Scientology spying on Paulette Cooper). "Another page referred to a time when, depressed about her problems, she had spoken one dark night about suicide. The secret agent told his superiors that on the outside he was sympathetic but inside he was laughing: "Wouldn't this be a great thing for Scientology?" " crimes, Paulette Cooper
January 25, 1980 The Scientology Papers: Files Show Spy Reported Woman's Intimate Words In one file was a letter dated June, 1974, from Dick Weigand to Henning Heldt, two of the leaders sentenced last month to four years in prison. Included in a review of an operative's past activities for the cult was the observation: Conspired to entrap Mrs. Lovely (code name for Miss Cooper) into being arrested for a felony which she did not commit. She was arraigned for the crime. crimes, harassment, Paulette Cooper, Press
November 24, 1979 Scientologists Plotted To Frame A Critic as a Criminal, Files Show - Scientology's fair gaming of writer Paulette Cooper and oth Boston Globe : Scientologists Plotted To Frame A Critic as a Criminal, Files Show - Scientology's fair gaming of writer Paulette Cooper and other Scientology operations. crimes, Paulette Cooper
January 22, 1979 article about Paulette Cooper Article about Paulette Cooper lawsuits appears in New York Times. lawsuits, Paulette Cooper
August 28, 1978 Scientology Critics Assail Aggressiveness of Church The fair-game policy has been a central focus of Scientology's critics - among them former Scientologists - who contend that the church pursues individuals who offend it with the same combativeness it directs toward government agencies and private groups the church counts among its enemies. Fair Game, Paulette Cooper
May 1, 1978 Author Paulette Cooper's battle with Scientology Church San Francisco Chronicle: Author Paulette Cooper's battle with Scientology Church Paulette Cooper
April 29, 1978 article says Paulette Cooper's $15.4 million lawsuit against Church still pending. Gives Cooper's attorneys as Paul D. Rheingold "investigation" of matter by FBI offices in New York City under way. lawsuits, Paulette Cooper
August 14, 1977 Paulette Cooper interview People magazine interviews Paulette Cooper in an article about the cult. Paulette Cooper

Paulette Cooper in the News

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September 1, 1981 Eugene Methvin, Reader's Digest, Scientology, Church, Scientology's 3-year-old, Paulette Cooper Eugene Methvin, editor of Reader's Digest and author of articles critical of Scientology, asks judge to quash subpoena compelling his testimony in Church of Scientology's 3-year-old lawsuit against Paulette Cooper. Paulette Cooper
August 20, 1981 Steven Miller v. Michael Flynn, al., Civ. #81-4275 (Federal Central District, California);, Kevin Flynn, Joseph Flannigan, Lev F Steven Miller v. Michael Flynn et al., Civ. #81-4275 (Federal Central District of California); defendants included Kevin Flynn, Joseph Flannigan, Lev Fedyniac, Pat Osler, Dr. John G. Clark, Jr., Edward Walters, Jack Chancellor, Paulette Cooper, and Bruce Hoenig. Another deprogramming lawsuit. Paulette Cooper
June 10, 1981 Scientology Motion Granted Church of Scientology of California motion to compel John Seffern to answer certain questions he refused to answer at deposition on 22 January 1981 is granted. Church of Scientology of California, et al. v. Paulette Cooper, No. CV-79-2053 (RMT). Paulette Cooper
April 8, 1981 First Amended Complaint Is Filed First Amended Complaint is filed, [Paulette] Cooper vs. Church of Scientology Boston, Inc., et al., CV #81,681-Mc. Paulette Cooper
March 9, 1981 Michael Flynn Files Paulette Cooper V. Church Of Scientology Of California, Inc., Civ. #81-681-Mc (Federal District Of Mass.) Se Michael Flynn files Paulette Cooper v. Church of Scientology of California, Inc., Civ. #81-681-Mc (Federal District of Mass.) seeking $25 million in damages. Paulette Cooper
June 15, 1980 Paulette Cooper's, John Seffern, Richard Bast, Church, Scientology Paulette Cooper's friend John Seffern learns that Richard Bast is covertly working for the Church of Scientology. Paulette Cooper
January 22, 1980 John Seffern Deposed In Church of Scientology of California John Seffern deposed in Church of Scientology of California, Inc. v. Paulette Cooper, Southern District of New York, CV-79-2053 (RMT). Seffern refused to answer certain questions, claiming attorney/client privilege. Paulette Cooper
February 6, 1979 Paulette Cooper Is Deposed In California Case (Cv-78-2053) Paulette Cooper is deposed in California case (CV-78-2053). Paulette Cooper
December 7, 1978 Paulette Cooper Is Deposed In New York Scientology Lawsuits Paulette Cooper is deposed in New York Scientology lawsuits. Paulette Cooper
August 21, 1978 Publishers Weekly, Paulette Cooper's, Scientology Publishers Weekly reports Paulette Cooper's lawsuit against Scientology. Paulette Cooper